Researchers in the department of psychology are currently running an exciting project to understand how members of the public engage with flood risk management in the UK.

The research is being carried out because there is currently little understanding about how psychological factors might influence people's perceptions about flood risks and preferences for different policies or behaviours related to flooding. It is hoped that the information gathered can be used to inform better public engagement and flood risk management practices.

Members of the public are being invited to take part in a short survey that takes 30 minutes to complete. There are also extra questions for members of the public who have been directly affected by a flood event.

If you would like to take part in the research yourself please visit

The researchers would also greatly appreciate if you could circulate this information to anyone you think may be interested in participating. Finally, if you have any suggestions about how the researchers can promote this survey to communities who have been affected by flooding, then please get in touch with Niall McLoughlin.

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