Dr Chris Blenkinsopp (ACE, WEIR) and three of his PhD students (John Hart, Paul Bayle and Gwyn Hennessey) completed a two-week research visit to the Water Research Laboratory (WRL) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in November/December 2018. WRL is the largest hydraulics laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere and a centre of excellence for Coastal and Ocean research. Dr Blenkinsopp’s team gave a seminar and spent time working with staff at WRL, primarily Professor Ian Turner, Dr Mitch Harley and Dr Kristen Splinter on topics including sustainable coastal protection, citizen science approaches for beach monitoring and remote-sensing of coastal morphology.

In the photo, Paul Bayle, Chris Blenkinsopp, John Hart and Gwyn Hennessey are visiting the citizen science “CoastSnap” station at North Narrabeen, Sydney.  The aim of CoastSnap is to use publicly submitted images to monitor the coast.  Dr Blenkinsopp’s team lead the CoastSnap UK project and have similar sites in Bournemouth and Studland with further installations planned round the UK.

Read more about John Hart's PhD project within the CoastSnap UK project.

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