From 14 – 17 of November 2018 Dr Jannis Wenk attended the 2nd WaterEnergyNEXUS conference held in Salerno / Italy. The WaterEnergyNEXUS provided an international platform to share and discuss important developments on energy and water issues. Water and energy are key components to achieve sustainable development for all. This is emphasized in the sustainable development goals for clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy. More than 100 international delegates attended the four-day conference.

During the conference five topics within the water energy nexus were covered: Nexus framework and governance, advanced technologies and nature-based solutions for the environmental sustainability of the water sector, control of hazardous substances in water and resource recovery from wastewater, energy saving technologies and future clean energy solutions under water constraints and practical implementation of solutions, including best practices.

The conference was hosted at the historical building of the Diocesan Museum of Salerno located in the heart of Salerno city (see picture above).

The WaterEnergyNEXUS provided an international platform to discuss key topics on water issues, including nature-based solutions, advanced technologies and best practices. A further aim was to enhance cooperation, integration and sustainable development in the Euro-Mediterranean region on Water and Energy.

Conversation with the conference chair Dr Vincenzo Naddeo from the University of Salerno. The next WaterEnergyNEXUS conference will be taking place in Tunisia in 2019.

Dr Wenk’s keynote speech on the most recent developments of ozone water treatment was well perceived.

Beyond oral presentations in five topic areas, the conference had a lively poster session. Dr Wenk discussing with Dr Jennifer Stokes-Draut from the Berkeley Water Centre at UC Berkeley, US.

Social events included a night walk tour through Salerno and the conference dinner.

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