PRIMaRE, the Partnership for Research In Marine Renewable Energy hosted its 2nd Summer School at the Universities of Bristol and Bath between 9th – 13th September 2019, with the theme of "Designing Marine Renewable Energy Devices".

Supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the event provided a unique opportunity for around 40 participants, including PhD students, early career researchers and industrialists to learn the latest insight from experts in the sector from both academia and industry on designing marine renewable energy devices. Apart from lectures, a range of group activities were also organised to encourage participants to share their research interests and identify potential partnerships. These included a Funding Pitch Competition, different group activities facilitated by the invited experts, and walking tours around the beautiful city of Bath.

University of Bath activities were led by Dr Jun Zang (Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering), with academics from several departments, including, Dr Philippe Blondel (Department of Physics), Prof Andrew Plummer, Dr Andrew Hillis and Mr Nathan Sell (Department of Mechanical Engineering).  Prof. Paul Taylor (University of Western Australia) was guest speaker and led the training on wave resources and wave power, and another guest speaker was Dr Benjamin Williamson (University of the Highlands and Islands) who led one of the hands-on workshops. University of Bristol activities were led by Dr Paul Harper.  The event was well received by the participants, with very positive feedback: 

"Thank you for all your hard work. The week was a fantastic opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the renewables industry and meet some great people. It was really helpful to meet fellow researchers and share experiences. The people invited to present certainly knew their stuff and were very willing to answer questions and engage in conversation."

"Thank you very much for allowing me to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. More importantly, it provided me with a great deal of understanding of many components of the tidal turbine system that I will be able to apply to a security risk strategy."

"We really enjoyed the summer school that has been held in Bristol and Bath. Thank you for giving us such a valuable opportunity to broaden our view towards marine renewable energy, and, more importantly, to make friends with each other." 

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