The Global Science Show combined with FUTURES2020 (#FUTURES2020) offered a surprisingly excellent opportunity for the University of Bath, Centre for Infrastructure, Geotechnical & Water Engineering (IGWE) team (and others) to not only share our research but interact with a truly world-wide audience. FUTURES2020 would usually involve science busking in Bath City Centre, travelling by train between Bristol and Bath performing science tricks, conducting guided engineering walks or even doing stand-up science comedy; but Covid 19 stopped all this.


However, using the Global Science Show on Twitter (@GlobalSciShow) and after each of us created and published a set of brilliant at-home experiments and short-talks we were able to reach a far, far bigger audience than if we had been doing physical activities. After looking at the data (what else would you expect from WISE researchers on an Informatics PhD programme ?) between us, our tweets clocked up some 22,000 views and over 1000 people watched our videos worldwide (and that’s not including all the many retweets). This opportunity has allowed us to grow the visibility of both IGWE, WISE and WIRC, open our research to all, including the younger generation and shows the global reach of social media for public engagement.


Global presenters from University of Bath were Andy Barnes (WISE CDT), Russell Arnott, Naomi Deering, James Rand (WISE CDT) and  Ioanna Stamataki (who is now beyond WISE and is a Doctor !)

Our research talks were varied with videos on how and why do clouds form, faecal sludge management, flash floods, what are underwater gliders and plankton.

Have a look at our at-home experiments here: Turn your phone into a microscope, make an underwater glider, create a cloud at home and  understand contour lines.

(L to R) James Rand, Ioanna Stamataki and Andy Barnes conducting Public Engagement in Swindon in more normal times.
Naomi Deering with a friendly Fake Poo
Russell Arnott in full public engagement mode (before Covid 19 of course).

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