Urban Water Security Working Group at IWRA

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WIRC co-director Prof Jan Hofman will be acting as co-chair of a new Urban Water Security Working Group at IWRA, alongside chair Hassan Aboelnga. Please see the below excerpt summarising the group's aims:

The International Water Resources association (IWRA) has developed a working group (WG) dedicated to Urban Water Security and chaired by Hassan Aboelnga and Jan Hofman. The WG aims to research and advance knowledge around urban water security to water professionals and industry, utilities and young professionals, and community representatives at all levels of government, including national and international agencies, to improve the operational conditions and management of urban water. Devoted to promoting solutions and best practices for the water community, the WG seeks to develop a series of engagements that facilitate dialogues that address pressing social, economic, and political challenges. We hope to facilitate debates around possible solutions that attend to issues faced by urban communities in diverse economic and political circumstances to have a holistic and sustainable impact.

You can read the full release statement here.

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