Career talk 15 June 2023, 1-2pm

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Kate Awdry and Emily Pollinger will be discussing soft project management skills gained in their careers at the university as Project Managers in Education.

They will be covering:

  • Their current roles and the context of what they do to support PVCs with their strategic project work
  • Sharing their careers journeys to their current roles
  • Transferable soft skills related to successful project management (such as relationship building, understanding priorities across the organisation to see how initiatives from our PVC/DVC might land, an understanding of executive business to note the interrelationship of other executive areas with that of our own PVC/DVC etc)
  • Experiences of and reflections on approaching the recruitment process for project-related roles

We will close with a short Q&A.

Please Sign up to the event to ensure you don't miss it.

Posted in: Upcoming event


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