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Well, this week I am in Charlotte North Carolina for the

So, you attend these conferences and in general listen to technical discussions about a particular aspect of Engineering - not the case here!  Research, teaching and equality go hand-in-hand.

What you find is that many people are engaging in the equivalent of SWAN activities, in particular how can you engage schoolchildren with STEM. So, on Sunday I was discussing a girl scout (Brownie age in the UK), Mechanical Engineering badge. Now I know in the UK we have Environment, Designer and Science Investigator badges - but wouldn't it be great to have an Engineering badge? Excellent outreach opportunities as well.  Can we focus our SWAN outreach actions so we have innovative solutions to engage with the wider community?

So, the ex Lockheed Martin employee will be updating me at the end of the year and hopefully we can look at how we can adopt some of their learning within the UK.  Of course for all those that think that Engineers do not have fun, here we are at the NASCAR museum!

Meeting people from across the Globe at ASME

Meeting people from across the Globe at ASME


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