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Bath AUA Membership deal - why you should sign up

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The AUA is committed to helping you succeed in your career. Our Bath Membership Scheme supports your career by recognising that you are dedicated to improving yourself and others.

Top 5 reasons to join the AUA:

....through Branch activities at Bath - learn more about this University

....getting to know colleagues at Bath from other departments

....attending national events is great way to keep in touch with professionals like you

....supporting your development, providing you with a wealth of tools and resources

....solving problems, keeping informed and networking

What you get if you join the AUA and who is it for:

AUA exists for our members. We offer support to help you enhance your career, boost your job prospects and create valuable networking opportunities. AUA membership empowers you to take control of developing your career whatever stage it is at.

Bath Membership Scheme:

The University supports the AUA and has purchased the bulk membership opportunity from the AUA, allowing you to sign up through the Branch Advocate for a discounted membership paid for by salary deduction.

Through the Bath scheme all members of staff who wish to join the AUA are entitled to the membership at the discounted costs below:

Subscription type:
Monthly Salary Deduction -  £5.07
Single annual payment - £60.80

Membership not through this scheme costs up to £10.80 per month/£143 annual payment

If you wish to join email your local Branch Advocate for further details  -



Applying for the Mark of Excellence

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AUA mark of excellence

Author:  Ann-Marie Hartland, Director of Administration - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

As we're working towards the Mark of Excellence, it has given us a great opportunity, not only to be accredited by the AUA for the support and value we place in the development of our staff but to reflect on how the framework has become embedded within our teams and the impact it has had.

Launched in March 2016 at the AUA's Annual Conference, the AUA Mark of Excellence is a new award for Higher Education Institutions which recognises that the organisation has demonstrated its commitment to working with the AUA Statement of Values and CPD Framework and has embedded them into its organisational development provision.

Only recently, one of our probationers commented on the comprehensive nature and clarity of her objectives, not only focussing on the tasks themselves but on the 'how' they should be carried out. It has taken time and commitment to get this far but for those who do fully engage, the framework is becoming increasingly helpful in identifying areas for development and training. It's also helping us as Faculty/School managers to ensure that we are tailoring our staff development programme to the needs of our teams. Building on our progress so far, we're hoping to embed the effective behaviours framework into our grading structure, so that career progression within the framework is more clear but for the moment, we will just be focussing on the assessment day and convincing our assessor that we truly are excellent!

We will update soon hopefully celebrating our success in achieving the award.