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In a few weeks the Server for our lecture capture system is going to be updated to a new version (v 4.7). It is not a fundamental change, but is to bring some enhanced functionality.

The major benefit will be the change to recording and using videos using HLS rather than Silverlight. This means that the playback will use Flash and HTML 5 to stream a version of the content specific to the watching device. The upshot of this should mean that if you watch a recording on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone, you should get a much better experience by having a version of the content specifically suited to your device.

We'll confirm the actual date when Panopto confirm the date to us, as there will be a small downtime whilst the upgrade happens. The update usually happens in the early hours of a Saturday evening/Sunday morning. We understand that it may be happening on 23 November from 2-5am.

After this update, the next scheduled one after that will be in July 2015.

More information is available here:


Posted in: News, Systems


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