Technology Trial - BYOD Display Sharing

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We now have our technology trial for the ViVi display sharing units going!

They are available in:

  • 3E3.1 (PC Lab)
  • 3WN2.1 (lecture theatre)
  • 4ES2.18 (in Computing Services)
  • 6E2.5 (standard classroom)
  • 6W0.12 (test space in Computing Services)
  • 8W2.4 (group working space)
  • Uni Hall (large lecture theatre)

How to use

We've already done all of the preparatory work for the setup, so they'll work with your University Login.

If you're a member of staff - you'll get a 'teacher' role - a student will get a 'student' role.

You need an app on your device. However, the good news is that all major operating systems have one! Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebook, Android, and Linux.

The usage guide for the app is here:

Select the Vivi Button on the control system, start up your app, and follow the on screen instructions.




Posted in: Equipment, Spaces, Systems, Technology


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