Technology Trial - Display Sharing Device

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Over the next few weeks we're going to trial a new piece of equipment in some of the teaching rooms.
We've arranged to have several of the GTA spaces equipped with them, so we can do some trials.

The following rooms will be fitted with them:

  • 6E2.5 (ACTIVE NOW!)
  • 6W0.12 (ACTIVE NOW!) - our test demonstration space.
  • 3E3.1 PC Suite
  • 3WN2.1 Lecture Theatre
  • University Hall Lecture Theatre
  • 1W2.02 Group Working Space
  • 4ES 2.18 Computing Services Meeting Room

The ViVi box is a small unit that fits inside the system in the teaching space or meeting rooms, and connects to the corporate network.

You can then use an app on your Phone, Tablet or Laptop to send your desktop (and whatever is on it) to the display.

We've tested it extensively over the last few weeks, and this looks to be a useful solution.

Please contact us, and we can show you how it works!


Posted in: Equipment, Interesting, News, Spaces, Technology


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