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AV Demonstration - ADI Screens - 25 August

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📥  Equipment, Technology

On 25 August @ 10:00 ADI have offered to bring a demonstration screen to the University to show what their products are like.
As you can see - it comes on the back of a small truck!

If you'd like to come along and see the latest thing in very large screen technology - do come along to the car park at the rear of 4W behind University Hall (near the amphitheatre & lake).

Look forward to seeing you there!


Technology Demonstration - Digital Signage

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📥  Equipment, Systems, Technology

On Monday 6 March 3:00-4:30pm, in 6W1.1, the company that provide our digital signage platform, OneLan, are coming to campus to demonstrate their other solutions that can run on our server.

These are:

RESERVA - a room booking system based on screens at the door of the rooms.

wayfinding - using the system to give directions and navigate through the campus.

Please come along if you would like to find out about them!


Work pod - quiet group study

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📥  Design Build Advise, Furniture

on Wednesday 1 March (from 10:00 to 16:00), we've been asked to have a demonstration of the very new Hush Pod from TK Team.


Launched for 2017 the TK-Team HushPod is an acoustically controlled meeting place and study area.
It's suitable for any space where it may be a little noisy.
Come along to the University Library to view and experience the HushPod and see how it might work for areas across the University.


Helping Innovative Teaching


📥  Interesting, News, Systems, Technology

In the last semester, we've had a great session held in the TV Studio:


We've helped to stage a mock media interviews, to give students the feeling of being quizzed on topics.

The session was run by Dr Jess Francombe-Webb in the Department for Health, and Research Marketing Manager, Andy Dunne.

This led to a Radio 4-style interview, conducted in the University’s TV studio, where students were given the opportunity to expand on the policy proposal and dodge difficult questions.
The interview was played at the start of their launch event to set the scene.

You can listen to the programme here


Lecture Capture System Upgrade


📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

On Saturday 17 December - from 8pm to 12am - Panopto are upgrading our Re:View platform.

Some of the forthcoming new functionality that will be available are:

• Captions — You will be able to access Panopto’s machine-generated speech-to-text captions and modify them in the video editor. In addition, you can customize the color, size, and position of captions during playback.
• Primary Video Switching — For multi-camera recordings, video creators can switch between primary video feeds using the Panopto editor.
• Enhanced Editing — In June, they introduced the industry’s first HTML5-based video editor. They are adding the ability to upload custom thumbnails, and to upload and manage slides within the video timeline.

There will also be a quizzing and feedback mechanism added to the viewing interface.

As part of the upgrade, Panopto are offering some webinars to highlight the new functionality:

Tuesday, 20 December
4:00pm GMT

Tuesday, 3 January
4:00pm GMT

For more details about the features in Version 5.3, please see Panopto's release notes.

Please contact us if you'd like any more information.


Re:View Downtime

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📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

On Saturday 17 December 2016, Panopto (who provide our lecture capture platform) have announced that our Re:View service will undergo an upgrade to version 5.3.

From 8pm to 12pm, if you try to playback any content from Moodle, you will get a "Server unable to connect" message.

The headline upgrades in this version are:

• Quizzing
• ASR generated captions
• Slide editing and Table of Contents Editing in the HTML 5 Editor.
• Multiple primary stream editing.
• HTML 5 first, HLS in embed,
• Client OS detection for downloading the Recorders, for example if you're downloading from a mac you will only see a mac recorder option.
• End User configurable Caption Styling
• Upload Custom thumbnail



Reporting Teaching Room Faults

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📥  Service, Systems

We have a vey quick way to report faults in teaching rooms:

Open a web browser and go to:


Click on "Use Self-Service Portal"

Log in as usual- if you need to.

Then click:


And finally click:


This will give you a form that will allow you to tell us if there is a problem with the AV Equipment or anything else about the rooms that may be causing an issue.

It will automatically get assigned to one of our staff to look at, and you can keep track of the call all in the same interface.


Tours of the rebuilt GTA Rooms


📥  Design Build Advise, Spaces

Over the course of the next few days, we're hosting a viewing of the rebuilt GTA rooms over the summer, if anyone would like to come and see them:

Thursday 09.30-10:30 4 East  = Meet in Foyer for: 4E 2.4,2.61,3.10, 3.19, 3.5

Thursday 12.30-13:30 5 West = Meet in Foyer for: 5W 2.1, 2.3

Thursday 15.30-17:00 3 West North  = Meet in Foyer for: 3WN 2.1, 3.7, 3.8

Friday 10.30-11:30 1 East = Drop into 1E 2.4 or 1E 3.9


Audience Response System (Voting / Clickers)

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📥  Equipment, Systems

We've been undertaking some development over the last few weeks and months to update the old version of the software for Turningpoint.

The good news is that you should be able to get anyone with a mobile device or laptop to participate in the sessions. You will not need the clickers!

The clickers will still work - but you won't necessarily need them any more.

As an academic member of staff you get a license of 500 concurrent student users at the same time.....

The slight change is that you will need to have a license to use the system attached to your account, but we will be using SSO (your own login at the University) to do it.
To request an account activation, please contact Rob Hyde (AV Manager) or Sacha Goodwin (AV Operations Manager).

You can still use the older version of Turningpoint on Office PCs to create presntations; although it may be better to get your IT Supporter to roll the new version out to your office PC.
The new Version is already on the GTA PCs.

Instructions of how to set up are on the AV Wiki: