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Helping Innovative Teaching


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In the last semester, we've had a great session held in the TV Studio:


We've helped to stage a mock media interviews, to give students the feeling of being quizzed on topics.

The session was run by Dr Jess Francombe-Webb in the Department for Health, and Research Marketing Manager, Andy Dunne.

This led to a Radio 4-style interview, conducted in the University’s TV studio, where students were given the opportunity to expand on the policy proposal and dodge difficult questions.
The interview was played at the start of their launch event to set the scene.

You can listen to the programme here


SCHOMS Conference - Day 3

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The final day of the Conference is usually shorter, with an early afternoon finish, to allow delegates to get back to their institutions.

The first session  of the day was given by the UK InfoComm Rep - Chris Lavelle.

This was a speedy update of what the corporate membership (via SCHOMS) gives to member institutions; and how we can use it for InfoComm specific training sessions.

Certianly all of our staff here at Bath make use of this session, and we encourage everyone to take on the full CTS qualification they offer us through it.

The second session was given by Terry Coe, from the University of Western Australia, who was representing the SCHOMS sister organisation the AETM. He came to give an update of the AETM activities, and to show us how they run projects in Australia.

We had a great run through of how complex a teaching lab build can be when you have corporate and departmental involvement.

Terry Coe - UWA

Terry Coe - UWA

The large session of that morning had an analysis of Lecture capture systems, and the use of Canvas.


There were lots of discussions in the sessions, and a report will be coming out in the near future - more to follow.

The final session of the Conference was given to Mark Burden from Swansea University, who took us through a fascinating insight into the provision of conferencing - in particular Skype for Business, Lync, and Pexip.

This was an interesting look at how conferencing is becoming more sought after; but the degree to which there is is interoperability between the systems is rising in importance. That and the ease of use for the users to be able to get meetings organised quickly.


There are lots of developments made recently, and one we watch with interest here at Bath - indeed we have plans in place for the future.
There is more information to come in the new future.

After closing remarks from the Chair - Paul Wood from Bangor University; we were treated to a quick video of the next host.

For next year I hand the baton over to Mark Warren at Keele University - and I also help him with organising the process for the next time!

The experience of hosting the conference was very rewarding and very tiring.

We recommend attendance whole-heartedly.


Panopto Upgrade

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Panopto have told us that they intend to upgrade their servers for Panopto 5.2.

This means that the server will go off for a while:

Saturday June 25 - 20:00 to 23:00

During the time or Re:View site is offline, we are not be able to access recordings on your server.
If we attempt to upload from the PCs, it will result in a "Server unable to connect" message.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


New product Demo - Interactive Screen

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This coming Wednesday 25 May - we have a demonstration of a CTOUCH laser air 70" screen lined up.

It will be in 8W1.1 from 4pm - 5pm

This is the first time this has been seen in the UK - we will be first University to see it!

Please drop in if you want to see this leading edge piece of technology.

ctouch Lazer air


New technology

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Today we took delivery of a Yamaha YVC-1000 Conference device.

This can be plugged into any computer to facilitate audio conferencing (with SKYPE for example) - to give a better coverage of audio.

You can also pair the device with your smartphone via bluetooth, so you can hold a conference call to a bigger audience.

Our kit has the Base Station (with the speakers) - and 3 microphones.

Please let us know if you would like to use it! It's available for you to have us come and set it up for you as a loan (on-site).


Service downtime - Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

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We've been advised today that BoB will be undegoing some maintenance on 15th February 2016 from approximately 9:00am until 10:00am.

They are undertaking some work to fix the Single Sign-On process:

At present, we do have some minor issues with BoB National, the main being if a user already has an open SSO session running then click on any embedded links to BoB National result in an error message. This will require approximately 1 hour of downtime to fix.

If you have any issuses, please let us know on




Upgrades - University Hall

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We've been working hard over the last couple of weeks to update some of the technology in University Hall


We are piloting an installation of Apple, Android and Windows display sharing. We've fitted an Apple TV and a Miracast dongle into the lectern.

You'll now find two extra buttons on the control panel.


Apple TV:

To do this you need to use peer-to-peer AirPlay. You will need to stand in the vicinity of the PC, and have bluetooth switch on on your device.

The device is called: University Hall Apple TV

With peer-to-peer AirPlay, your iOS device and Apple TV don't have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. To use peer-to-peer AirPlay, you need one of these devices with iOS 8 or later:

·                      iPhone 5 or later

·                      iPad mini or iPad (4th generation or later)

·                      iPod touch (5th generation or later)

For more information please look at the Apple support site-



To do this you need to use bluetooth. You will need to stand in the vicinity of the PC, and have bluetooth or a widi compliant device.

The device is called: University Hall Miracast

You can check if your device can do this here:,3&certifications=45

Essentially, your device will need to be relatively new.

Android: o/s 4.2 Jellybean or newer.

Windows: Windows 8.1 or newer.

For more information on how to do this:


If you would like to try this out, please do - but we would like your feedback!





Room Update - 8W 1.28

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We've been busy over the last week or two putting in some updates in some of the classrooms.

In 8W1.28, we've upgraded each of the individual workstations to have a micro PC on each one.

27800 New Room 8W1_28. Shots showing new facility in use for workshops and group discussions.  Client: Sarah Turpin - LTEO

8W1.28 - 6 workstations & Tutor station

Each controller now has a 'PC' selection button, which will change the display to the built-in PC.

We are working on the Tutor station over the next couple of weeks, to enable a collaboration box, so that the box content can be shared in the rooms to and from each workstation.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more.


Product Demo - CleverTouch Screen

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Next Tuesday (12 January - 10:30 to 12:30 in the AGN Suite 3W4.13) we have IDNS coming in to present one of the new range of CleverTouch screens.

Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens
Technology for Immersive Engagement
Available in 55″-84″, Clevertouch utilises the latest touchscreen technology, featuring multi touch that allows multiple users to interact and use gesture control. Combined with Full HD, and 4K models, high brightness and anti-glare as standard, images are always clearly visible.

This one will be the 65" CleverTouch Pro:

More details of the screen are here:
Please come along and see what this new batch of screens are like.