Room Update - 8W 1.28

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We've been busy over the last week or two putting in some updates in some of the classrooms.

In 8W1.28, we've upgraded each of the individual workstations to have a micro PC on each one.

27800 New Room 8W1_28. Shots showing new facility in use for workshops and group discussions.  Client: Sarah Turpin - LTEO
8W1.28 - 6 workstations & Tutor station

Each controller now has a 'PC' selection button, which will change the display to the built-in PC.

We are working on the Tutor station over the next couple of weeks, to enable a collaboration box, so that the box content can be shared in the rooms to and from each workstation.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more.

Posted in: Equipment, Furniture, News, Technology


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