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Lecture Capture System Upgrade


📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

On Saturday 17 December - from 8pm to 12am - Panopto are upgrading our Re:View platform.

Some of the forthcoming new functionality that will be available are:

• Captions — You will be able to access Panopto’s machine-generated speech-to-text captions and modify them in the video editor. In addition, you can customize the color, size, and position of captions during playback.
• Primary Video Switching — For multi-camera recordings, video creators can switch between primary video feeds using the Panopto editor.
• Enhanced Editing — In June, they introduced the industry’s first HTML5-based video editor. They are adding the ability to upload custom thumbnails, and to upload and manage slides within the video timeline.

There will also be a quizzing and feedback mechanism added to the viewing interface.

As part of the upgrade, Panopto are offering some webinars to highlight the new functionality:

Tuesday, 20 December
4:00pm GMT

Tuesday, 3 January
4:00pm GMT

For more details about the features in Version 5.3, please see Panopto's release notes.

Please contact us if you'd like any more information.


Re:View Downtime

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📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

On Saturday 17 December 2016, Panopto (who provide our lecture capture platform) have announced that our Re:View service will undergo an upgrade to version 5.3.

From 8pm to 12pm, if you try to playback any content from Moodle, you will get a "Server unable to connect" message.

The headline upgrades in this version are:

• Quizzing
• ASR generated captions
• Slide editing and Table of Contents Editing in the HTML 5 Editor.
• Multiple primary stream editing.
• HTML 5 first, HLS in embed,
• Client OS detection for downloading the Recorders, for example if you're downloading from a mac you will only see a mac recorder option.
• End User configurable Caption Styling
• Upload Custom thumbnail



Re:View Update


📥  Systems

We've been told today that there is a small problem with the search mechanism in Re:View.

It appears that the search mechanism does not function correctly if you are looking for a specific recording.

The manufacturer is aware of the problem, and are presently investigating.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.



Re:View migration - complete

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📥  Lecture Capture, Service

The Re:view service has been migrated to a new server, for which the web address has now changed. (Please see for the previous announcement)

Users viewing content through the Re:View block on Moodle pages do not need to do anything, they should still be able to access content as before.

If you previously accessed recorded content via the web address please now use the new address


This also applies to the Windows and Mac recorder applications, for which you will need to change the server address as per the instructions here:

Users on Managed PCs who do not have administration rights will need to contact their IT supporter to do this for you.


If you have embedded content or weblinks to Re:view content in your web sites or Moodle pages you will need to change the address in order for this to continue to work, so where a link is written as:”xxxxx” where “xxxxx” is an ID number referencing the session

Please change to:”xxxxx”

Please contact a.v.bookings if you require any assistance with this process.



Re:View Service Update


📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

As part of some changes to our Re:View platform, Panopto are moving our service from America to a Europe host.

The decision to do this stems from

From Monday 14 December (16:00) our existing content will be 'frozen' into a read only mode. It's intended that the switch back on will be 18 December.

This means that you can still access any content you have on the system - you just won't be able to create anything new.
So students can still use the system to revise, but all users won't be able to create any new content.

There are some benefits to the move - as the data centre for Europe has a connection to JANET, and should subsequently be a little faster.
As part of the change there will be a new web address, which we will confirm in the very near future.

We're working closely with colleagues in LTEO and with Panopto to do this move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If anyone does wish to record any content in the meantime, then please contact us on, and we have some alternative arrangements we can put in place for you.

Watching Panopto

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📥  Design Build Advise, Equipment, Systems

We've had a few reports recently that some of our academic colleagues have forgotten to wear their microphones during lecture capture sessions.
As a consequence, some recordings can be a little quiet.

In this instance you can select a little known feature that is available on some PC's running Windows, called Loudness Equalisation, to improve the volume of recordings when they are played back.

To enable this, go to Control Panel and Select the Sound option - select the Playback tab and double click the default device (likely to be Speakers or Headphones)

image2015-11-27 11-38-5

In the following window, select the "Enhancements" tab and tick the box marked "Loudness Equalization" - note not all PC's may have this option.

image2015-11-27 11-40-2

Now when you playback quiet recordings they will playback much louder than before.

To disable this feature untick the "Loudness Equalization" box.


Re:View Panopto Recorder

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📥  Lecture Capture, Systems

Today Panopto have told us that there is a potential problem with anyone using the newest version of the Desktop Recorder for Panopto and the newest version of Mac OS (El Capitan).

They have highlighted four problems, three of which are related:

We wanted to let you know about a few Panopto issues with the latest releases of OSX, Keynote and PowerPoint.

Problem #1: On OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), some users may experience a false positive error message of “Problem with video capture. No video is being recorded. Check your camera.”

Problem #2: On all versions of OSX, some PowerPoint 2016 users may receive an “Additional permissions are required to access the following file” prompt. This prompts the user to change the file level permissions to allow access to the .pptx file.

Problem #3: On all versions of OSX, all Mac recordings that capture Keynote 6.6 files will fail to upload.

They have suggested how users can deal with these problems:

Workaround/Resolution for problems #1, #2, and #3: For existing Mac Recorder installations, upgrade to the latest version of the Mac Recorder. If you want to force an upgrade of your Mac clients, go to System - Settings - Client Versions & Identification - Mac Recorder Whitelist - remove 4.9.0 and click save. Then go to Mac Recorder Version and set the value to 4.9.1.

New Mac Recorder installations of version 4.9.0 will contain the above fixes.
With these fixes, OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) is now fully supported. 
For problem #3, a server side update is required for slide content to display slide text correctly. This server update will be available in our next major version update in early January).

The fourth problem is this:

Problem #4: PowerPoint 2016 15.14 and the trial versions are not compatible with the Panopto Mac Recorder.

The remedy is:

Workaround/Resolution: Users must use a non-trial version of PowerPoint 2016. If users have version 15.14, they must upgrade to 15.15 (or higher) which can be downloaded here.

Obviously if anyone does have any problems then please contact us on and we will endeavour to assist!


Microphones in teaching rooms

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📥  Equipment, Spaces, Systems

We provide microphones in every teaching room on campus to be able to capture at least the PC Screen and Voice.
The microphones in the small rooms are on the lectern top - and look like this:

In most of the larger rooms, we provide microphones that can be worn (or they need to be to capture speech!).


Over the last few weeks, we've had a few recordings fail on Re:View due to microphones not being worn.

Can we please remind everyone that wants to capture their content to wear a microphone in the room, if there is one there to wear.

More information is here:

If the microphone is a RevoLabs (left picture above):

If the microphone is a Sennheiser (right picture above):


This should ensure your students never miss a word!