Re:View Service Update

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As part of some changes to our Re:View platform, Panopto are moving our service from America to a Europe host.

The decision to do this stems from

From Monday 14 December (16:00) our existing content will be 'frozen' into a read only mode. It's intended that the switch back on will be 18 December.

This means that you can still access any content you have on the system - you just won't be able to create anything new.
So students can still use the system to revise, but all users won't be able to create any new content.

There are some benefits to the move - as the data centre for Europe has a connection to JANET, and should subsequently be a little faster.
As part of the change there will be a new web address, which we will confirm in the very near future.

We're working closely with colleagues in LTEO and with Panopto to do this move as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If anyone does wish to record any content in the meantime, then please contact us on, and we have some alternative arrangements we can put in place for you.

Posted in: Lecture Capture, Systems


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