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Today Panopto have told us that there is a potential problem with anyone using the newest version of the Desktop Recorder for Panopto and the newest version of Mac OS (El Capitan).

They have highlighted four problems, three of which are related:

We wanted to let you know about a few Panopto issues with the latest releases of OSX, Keynote and PowerPoint.

Problem #1: On OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), some users may experience a false positive error message of “Problem with video capture. No video is being recorded. Check your camera.”

Problem #2: On all versions of OSX, some PowerPoint 2016 users may receive an “Additional permissions are required to access the following file” prompt. This prompts the user to change the file level permissions to allow access to the .pptx file.

Problem #3: On all versions of OSX, all Mac recordings that capture Keynote 6.6 files will fail to upload.

They have suggested how users can deal with these problems:

Workaround/Resolution for problems #1, #2, and #3: For existing Mac Recorder installations, upgrade to the latest version of the Mac Recorder. If you want to force an upgrade of your Mac clients, go to System - Settings - Client Versions & Identification - Mac Recorder Whitelist - remove 4.9.0 and click save. Then go to Mac Recorder Version and set the value to 4.9.1.

New Mac Recorder installations of version 4.9.0 will contain the above fixes.
With these fixes, OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) is now fully supported. 
For problem #3, a server side update is required for slide content to display slide text correctly. This server update will be available in our next major version update in early January).

The fourth problem is this:

Problem #4: PowerPoint 2016 15.14 and the trial versions are not compatible with the Panopto Mac Recorder.

The remedy is:

Workaround/Resolution: Users must use a non-trial version of PowerPoint 2016. If users have version 15.14, they must upgrade to 15.15 (or higher) which can be downloaded here.

Obviously if anyone does have any problems then please contact us on and we will endeavour to assist!

Posted in: Lecture Capture, Systems


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