It comes from coal and gas, you know!

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That's what a chemical engineer said to me as he caught me plugging my car into the university's electric car charging point the other day.  And indeed (most of) it does.  As I write this, on a cold, sunny day in March, 60% of the UK's electricity (35.8 MW) is coming from gas and coal (in a 3 : 1 ratio).

Happily, the car is currently charing from Semington A's reliable (if naturally intermittent) solar output, but you have to wonder if the UK is getting closer to carbon-free electricity, or farther away as every day passes.

If only targets were strategy.  I say that because the Guardian is reporting that the government intends to legislate for a 100% carbon-free UK.  As the G notes, the UK is already legally bound by the Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 80% by 2050 – although no one knows how this will be done.  This is why it's apparently no problem to go for the full monty.  80%  or 100%?  What's the difference when you've no idea even how to get to 50%.  It's as though achieving the target doesn't really matter when you can write a headline.

The IPCC says there must be net zero emissions by 2070 if we are to avoid dangerous warming.  Fat chance.


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