Update on the output from Semington A

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We raised a modest glass yesterday to mark a generating milestone as the village's only solar generator [ Semington A ] passed the 1 MWh mark.  It has taken 60 days to reach this amount of energy output and it is a sobering thought that Didcot A's coal burners produce this amount in about 2 seconds – even when it's cloudy, or the sun's not shining at all.  Of course, there are about 45,000 solar generators now making a contribution, which means, (if you make some heroic assumptions about average outputs, and perform some cavalier roundings up & down of figures), that, together, they produce about what I shall call a Didcot Day's worth of electricity.  So all we need are 365 x 45,000 more Semington As, and we can close Didcot down (at least during the day).  Onwards; upwards; ...

Posted in: News and Updates


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