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How to manage your online profile

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📥  Event Review, Students' Union

Another successful event ran by the Students' Union Skills Training team took place recently, on the topic of managing your online profile. Topics include social media, privacy, and tips for the perfect LinkedIn profile. The event can be viewed back at any time, although if you attend the sessions there are some beneficial interactive group activities.

Check out Skills Training's up to date list of skills training activities.

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Improve your presentation skills

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📥  Event Review, Students' Union

Recently, a couple of Students' Union Student Trainers ran a fantastic session to a group of students on how to improve your presentation skills. This successful event is a repeat of one which ran in Semester 1, and can be watched back online. The group activities have been cut out of this recording, so you will benefit much more from attending Skills Training sessions in person.

Did you know that the Skills Training web page has online tutorials as well as an up to date list of skills training activities?


Skills Training opportunities in Semester 2

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📥  Students' Union

Skills Training Logo
The Students' Union based Skills Training provides a wide range of free workshops delivered by industry professionals, academic staff and specially trained student trainers to provide courses throughout the semester, including:

Of course there are many more courses available which don't relate to technology, so browse the full list of available courses to register your interest in a session.

If you're a student in Bath next year you can become a Student Trainer, where you will receive professional training, develop your skills, and enhance your employability prospects. Find out more on the Skills Training website.


Blogging is for pros: a guide to successful blogging


📥  Event Review, Students' Union

Joining up with the Students' Union Skills Training, Ross Ferguson delivered an insightful presentation on best practice for blogging, covering communication principles and skills which can be applied to everyday applications rather than technical aspects. Topics including content design, editing, engaging with audiences, and evaluation.

You can watch a recording of the full session online.

blogging for pros


While the content was provided mainly for a corporate context, Ross briefly touched on the advantages of having a personal blog:

  • very fun and rewarding activity allowing for personal development
  • reflection of yourself by looking at old posts
  • provide a place for employers to verify who you are beyond your CV.

Ross gave examples of Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Mashable as the top three world blogs by revenue, however these make money from "blogging black magic" - clickbait and adverts. Examples of well written blogs which provide insight include Smashing Magazine, Inside Intercom, and the Foreign Office Blog were mentioned. On a more local scale, Zoomix at was mentioned as being a very well presented blog written by a PhD student at the University of Bath and is well worth looking at.

The importance of writing to suit your audience was a key theme throughout the session, highlighting the need to analyse who you visitors are and the content they wish to see. One of the University's most popular blogs by viewcount is Campus travel updates, and Ross stated how they have adapted their posts to provide a very short, concise useful updates after looking at analytics.


The University's marketing and communications team also provide blogging advice.


Linked Event: Introduction to development with ASP.NET MVC

📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Introduction to development with ASP.NET MVC

Date: Friday 20 November 2015
Time: 13:15 - 14:05

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This session run by David Ringsell covers the basics of web development in Microsoft’s MVC which is widely used for industrial strength applications. MVC applications offer a clean separation of concerns between the business-logic, web pages and the controller. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC offers Web developers all the benefits of MVC allied with all the power of the .NET platform.

David Ringsell is the Founder of TalkIT, which provides customised training courses plus e-learning. David is also an experienced trainer and consultant providing a wide range of support in Visual Studio and SQL Server. An MSPD (web) & MCSD.


LITEbox supports Academic Reps


📥  Event Review, Students' Union

This year's Academic Reps conference, run by the Students' Union on 31 October 2015, saw Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb and Sarah Turpin, Project Co-leaders for the Alumni funded LITEbox initiative, leading their first session on digital technologies.

Joined by a group of 20 Academic Reps, Jess opened the session by inviting the students to reflect on their use of digital technologies, both in their everyday lives, and in support of their learning and teaching since taking up their studies at the University.

Academic reps during the LITEbox session

Academic reps during the LITEbox session

Working in two groups, the students identified a wide and diverse range of technologies including tablets, smartphones, social media.

Commenting on the feedback from students, Dr Francombe-Webb said:

"The response and levels of engagement that students have with digital technologies in all aspects of their lives reinforces the view that as a learning institution we need to increase our understanding of how we can use this vast array of powerful tools available to us to find new ways to enrich the student experience; not to just aid deeper learning but to ensure that we equip our students with broader skills transferable to the workplace."

Providing students with an overview of the LITEbox initiative, which aims to provide opportunities for students and staff to learn, share and develop their knowledge and skills in using new and existing technologies, Sarah Turpin made particular mention of the LITEbox designated group working space, 8 West 1.28. Located in the lower floor of the 8 West building, this room is equipped with six work zones, each with docking stations, headphone sockets and digital screens enabling students to work on projects and other group work. The students attending expressed particular interest in this type of independent learning space and were pleased to learn that they are able to book the six work zones separately through the Timetabling office.

Jess then provided students with a brief overview of multimedia messaging walls such as Linoit and Padlet. She described some of the benefits of these tools both in and outside the classroom such as enabling students to comment and ask questions anonymously, give feedback and share ideas with each other. Working on ten mini iPads, which are part of the Department for Health's Connected Learning Lab, the students enjoyed a hands-on session by practising posting comments and questions. Some of the group discussion included how applications such as these might usefully help the students in their Academic Rep roles to communicate with their peers and gather views and opinions. Sarah also mentioned Trello, another freely available electronic board enabling students to organise and manage their own work, plan and undertake projects and share progress updates and ideas with other students.

Students were encouraged to engage with LITEbox events and feed back to the LITEbox team their ideas on digital technologies.

Further information about LITEbox at or email:


Student Trainers using LITEbox space


📥  Students' Union

Student Trainers from the Students' Union (SU) Skills Training have recently taken the opportunity to make use of 8 West 1.28, one of the designated LITEbox spaces to promote their sessions to the wider student community. In preparation for using the LITEbox space for their first Skills Training session on 'Managing your Online Profile' on Thursday 5 November 2015, the Student Trainers used the space to record some promotional videos.

As well as recording their videos, the Student Trainers were also shown the room and how to make the most of the available technology for their upcoming sessions by members of the University's Audio Visual Unit.

Ian Robinson, Chief Executive, Students' Union said:

"I am delighted that our Student Trainers are engaging with LITEbox spaces and finding ways of introducing and using the technologies available to them. The SU is actively involved in the LITEbox initiative with both SU staff and student representatives on the project team. Through the introduction of these facilities, our Trainers will be able to run sessions in more interesting and engaging ways as well as to consider how to equip the student community with increased IT skills for their future lives and employability."

Students are encouraged to check the Skills Training workshops and events to find topics of interests and sign up for the 'Managing your online profile' event before spaces fill up.

8 West 1.28 comprises six workstation which enable six people to sit around a table and connect their personal devices to a large screen which can be seen by everyone. There is also a separate workstation for the lecturer or trainer to use. Students are increasingly booking individual workstations in this LITEbox space enabling them to work on projects and group work on shared tasks such as proof reading group reports, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets and sharing ideas.

Students can book workstations via workstation bookings and selecting ****[Workstation] for 8W 1.28.


Carlos De Malachias, a Student Trainer, recording a video in 8 West 1.28.


Linked Event: Improve your presentation skills


📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Improve your presentation skills (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 26 November 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

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Skills Training Logo

Have you ever experienced an engaging presentation which left a lasting memory? Did you wonder if you could do the same in front of an audience? Being able to deliver an effective presentation is a valued skill in the workplace and can really boost your confidence. Come along to this session, delivered by our Student Trainers, to gain practical skills on designing effective PowerPoint slides and crafting your presentation. You will then be given the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.

Previous participants have said:

  • "I will use my new skills in my next presentation; using customised visual aids"
  • "Really useful for my future presentations and assessment centres"

If you would like to improve your blogging skills, come out our next event, linked event with the Students' Union on 17 November 2015.


LITEbox/Students' Union Event: Blogging is for pros

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📥  Linked Event, LITEbox Event, Students' Union

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015
Time: 6.15pm - 7.45pm
Venue: CB 5.13

There are a few spaces reserved on the door, so please turn up if you would like to attend.

Whether marketing new products, showing customers behind-the-scenes to build trust, or keeping your workforce informed, blogging is a mainstay of corporate communications. While anyone can start a blog, not everyone can make a success of it, and blogging skills are a much sought after commodity by employers.

In this session, the different uses of blogging in a corporate context will be explored and some best practice tips for blogging success will be shared using real-world examples of what works. Subjects will include content design, editing, engaging with audiences, and evaluation. This session is about communication principles, platforms and skills needed by everyone from technologists to generalists. These are timeless ways of thinking about communication with everyday applications.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to identify different types of blogging used in a corporate communications context, understand the skills required to manage a blog, and set objectives for an effective corporate blog.

Ross Ferguson is currently Head of Digital for the University of Bath, and formerly Product Manager for the Foreign & Commonwealth blog platform and author of blogging and social media guidance for UK Civil Service.


Linked Event: Managing your online profile


📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Managing your online profile (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 3 December 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

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Skills Training Logo

Ever wondered how to avoid the pitfalls of being too "exposed" online? Or wanted to learn about how to profile yourself better through websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Through attending this workshop, you will learn how to showcase your talents in the best possible way, as well as considering the scale of your digital footprint – and the impact of this when you start job hunting.

At the end of this session you should be able to distinguish between online professional and social identities, use social media effectively to present a professional online identity and learn how to identify and manage your online digital identity.

Did you know that the Students' Union also provides various technology related skills training including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access?  Have a look for yourself to see what is on offer.