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Exploring augmented reality


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While augmented reality is usually used for public engagement and marketing around campus, it can be used to enhance learning and teaching. For example, the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology use augmented reality to simulate conditions to support diagnosis and prescription discussions with students.

LTEO recently ran an event titled Exploring Augmented Reality. You can view a full recording of Exploring augmented reality event.

If you would like help incorporating augmented reality into your teaching, please contact e-learning.

Learn more about Aurasma: augmented reality software which can be used on your smartphone around campus:


Facilitating virtual group work

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Facilitating virtual group work, online student presentations and remote delivery of lectures using web-conferencing

On Thursday 12 November, LTEO ran a seminar as part of their Inspiring Innovation series, focusing on academic teaching practices which use web-conferencing to provide innovative methods of engaging with students.

The session focused on how teaching and learning activities, which traditionally take place on campus, can now be moved to an online environment, through the use of web-conferencing tools, offering significant benefits to both staff and students. This session was of use to anyone wishing to explore flexible teaching practices to support large cohort teaching, group work and/or students at a distance.

If you missed out, or would like to catch up, a recording of the session is available to watch.



e-Learning Seminars


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In conjunction with the e-Learning team, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO), we are pleased to announce four new events in our LITEbox spaces.

This series will include workshops and seminars across a variety of disciplines, from enhancing Moodle courses and inspiring innovation to digital assessment tools and techniques. Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the institution, workshops will be facilitated by the e-Learning team whilst also drawing on the skills and expertise of academics and practitioners at the forefront of e-Learning technology.

Below are descriptions or each event, also available from e-Learning.

For more information or to reserve a space, please email Dan White, e-Learning Administrator.