The Five Step Game-Changer: Selecting Breakouts

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Last week, I posted about my choice of internal breakout at this year's One Young World Conference in Ottawa. One other choice was to be made, however, and that is what I'll be discussing briefly in this post today!

I'd chosen my internal breakout, now was the time to choose my external breakout- which, as the name suggests, will be held somewhere outside of the Shaw Convention Centre. The choices again were incredibly wide-ranging, encompassing things from a Fashion Crawl of Ottawa (those who know me personally will know I could well do with some advice on this), an insight into Canada's legal system at the Supreme Court, to a 'Canadian Indigenous Experience'.

It was incredibly difficult to select a single session to attend, so to make it easier for myself I first clarified what exactly it was that I wanted from the experience. This wasn't too hard to decide, fortunately- I wanted an opportunity to i) meet and connect with new, interesting people, ii) have fun, and iii) gain key skills that I could make use of back home.

These things considered, I chose to attend a session catchily titled 'The Five Step Game-Changer- Keys to leadership in the global economy and your own community'. It's run by Global Vision- a Canadian charity which mentors and guides young Canadians to develop as leaders, not just on the national but on the global stage. These guys have led Canadian youth delegations to G8, G20 and APEC summits- so I am pretty excited to learn a thing or two from them!

This session is going to cover the essence of what Global Vision preaches to its programme participants- that is, the 'Five Step Game-Changer'. Created by founder of Global Vision, ex-Canadian politician Terry Clifford, these 5 steps are said to offer the key to 'success in work and life'. They are as follows:

  1. The Power of Me- DIY
  2. Feed Your Curiosity- Explore Beyond Your Backdoor
  3. Relationships Trump All- Make Relationships Matter
  4. The Power of We- Collaborate to Lead
  5. Show and Tell… Then Deliver the Goods (A Promise Made is a Promise Kept)

I'm excited to learn more about these steps and put them to use in bringing One Young World to the Bath!

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