One Young World Bath Caucus 2020- Welcome to the Inspiration

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The amazing work of One Young World found itself at the University of Bath for the fourth year and what an inspirational day it was. Careful coordination and planning by Laura Mitchell and Cicely Hayes- previous attendees of One Young World 2019 in London, alongside Annika Theilgaard and Emily Richards, made the day a huge success. The incredible initiative of Laura and Cicely came alive with the student organising committee, welcoming 150 attendees into the University.

The motivation behind the day was focused on four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: quality education, climate action, gender equality and peace, justice and strong institutions. These helped influence our incredible choices of keynote speakers and panel discussions.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Ahmad Nawaz, a survivor of a Taliban attack and our first key speaker, explaining the true importance of education and how it has changed his life. After a short refreshment break, Noel Williams, a Youth and Justice Councillor, inspired our audience with the ideas of activism changing lives, the climate and gaining justice. And finally, Maggie Oliver, fighter against the injustices of the Rochdale Scandal and founder of the Maggie Oliver Foundation, conveyed the importance of gender equality through her experience of work with the police, inspiring us all to stand up to injustices even when it feels as though no one is listening.

Each speaker finished with a panel session: Ahmad on the need for fair and inclusive education, Noel on the importance of activism and making your stance and Maggie’s focusing on the treatment of genders, with specific reference to sexual harassment and how these injustices for victims may be changed.

Lunchtime workshops were full of in-depth, honest discussions and pizza- a perfect combination. The three themes of the workshops were Sustainability and Business led by MBA student Fahd Zami and PhD student Jack Payne, Climate Activation taken by lecturer Caroline Hickman and Young People in Politics directed by SU President Eve Alcock and Student Voice Coordinator Ben Palmer. Filled-with passion and inspiration, attendees were able to share together ideas for positive change.

Between the day’s events, societies, the SU and volunteering groups joined all attendees to show how involvement within the University could bring change and how everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be part of this ever-inspiring movement.

Our day was jam-packed full of inspirational and motivational people, standing together for a desire for change. So, feel inspired and full of hope that change is coming and we all can be part of it, because as Maggie told us ‘If you believe in something, then you must be the change driving it forward; if a door is slammed in your face kick it down, as we must be the ones to make change happen.’

Link for photos from the day:

Charlotte Foster

Politics and International Relations Student

Volunteer and Interviewer at OYWB

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