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IChemE Water Special Interest Group 30th Anniversary Young Process Engineer Prize

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Olivia Bailey was recently named runner-up in the IChemE Water Special Interest Group 30th Anniversary Young Process Engineer Prize. This prize was created with the aim of engaging and drawing together the young minds of our community. It required the submission of a video presentation, as an individual or a team, on a project or research topic that addresses one or more of the following themes:

  • The use of digital technologies and analytics in the water sector
  • Managing the growing global water demand /water resilience in cities
  • Improved water supply/sanitation in developing countries
  • Resource recovery/circular economy

Olivia is a PhD researcher within the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Water Innovation & Research Centre (WIRC) at the University of Bath. Her research aims to develop a sustainable design for future sewer systems, focusing on opportunities for water conservation/wastewater concentration and the consequences for the sewerage system. In the video Olivia presents the main benefits and barriers to a low-flow, high concentration sewerage system including more effective resource recovery, heightened treatment efficiency and issues of sedimentation.

Jan Hofman said “Olivia has made a great video. She clearly explains the societal needs to reduce water consumption and how her research relates to the big challenges around water. It is a perfect example of the importance of water research for future generations”.

Olivia received a charitable donation in her name to a water/sanitation charity. View Olivia's video entry.


Spring workshops

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📥  WIRC @ Bath, WISE CDT

The following blog post was contributed by Olivia Bailey, a WISE CDT PhD Resarcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

British Water: Off-mains Sewerage

In March I attended a workshop offered by British Water to address the options and challenges for off-mains sewerage in the UK. There were informative talks and some lively discussions from many stakeholders in the off-main sewerage world. The Environment Agency gave an overview of legislation regarding wastewater discharge in rural communities and approaches to tackling catchment pollution. Treatment consultants made the case for the good design and installation of septic as well as the need for package treatment plants. Finally, a representative for the National Trust spoke to us of the challenges and great responsibilities that come with managing the sewage of our beautiful, historic properties. The quote of the day came from one speaker who made the enlightened assessment that

‘mankind has come so far with technology over the years but still we are content to flush our toilets into a leaky trench’.

All in all, it was a very educational day in which a wide variation of off-mains stakeholders gathered in one room to work towards a common goal – the safe disposal of our sewage.

European Water Innovation Lab (WIL) (more…)