Meet Your Skills Co-Creators Team 2024

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Introducing the vibrant, new team of Skills Co-Creators based in the University of Bath Skills Centre! We're a dynamic group, each with our own unique backgrounds and passions, all dedicated to empowering students like you. Read on to discover more about each of us and our role.



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Hi! I’m Maddie, and I’m a first year Psychology student from North Devon. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy playing volleyball and love to travel as much as I can! My current skills goal is to become proficient enough in Spanish that I can travel solo through South America.

As one of your new Skills Co-creators, I’m excited to help you make the most of your opportunities for skills-development at university! I hope to use my experience as a member of my department’s equality, diversity and inclusion student team to make the Skills Centre more accessible and beneficial to a wide range of students, and to advocate for the skills support you want to receive at Bath!



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Hello, I am Divya Agarwal, currently pursuing an MSc in International Management, hailing from India. My current engagement as a PGT (Postgraduate Taught) Campus Ambassador for the School of Management and aspiration to work with a diverse student cohort led me to this role.  My interest stemmed from a desire to increase PGT student engagement with the Skills Centre and support the development of employability focused resources.

My primary goal is to cultivate skills essential for thriving in a diverse, collaborative environment, which are highly valued by employers. Additionally, I aim to develop my communication skills, as effective communication is pivotal for success. I feel even if one has great ideas, they might not be appreciated if they cannot be communicated effectively, hence, my focus on mastering this skill.


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My name is Harriet, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as one of your new Skills Co-creator. I am studying Management with an Industrial Placement year, and I am also a student ambassador for the Management department. In my own time, I love to travel and play sport such as lacrosse and netball, and I'm also enjoying being a member of the Women in Business Society and Bath Marketing, Comms and PR Society at university.

During my time in this role, I hope to develop my collaboration skills when working in a team with the other Co-Creators, as this will help us be successful in this role. My aim is to increase the engagement with the skills development opportunities available. I am extremely excited to support you in achieving your learning goals through the Skills Centre.


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Hello! My name is Oyinlola Osinoiki (or Lola for short)  and I’m a British Nigerian who recently moved to Bath from Berlin. I study Education with Psychology, and I’m a Student Ambassador and Academic Representative for the course. In my free time, I am involved with the Salsa Dancing Society and Bath Christian Union.  A personal skill I’m working towards is learning to drive so that I can commute to University (and go on road trips).

I am grateful to be newly employed as a Skills Co-Creator! In this role, I hope to learn more about project management and the process of creating academic and digital materials. My aspiration is to ensure that resources are relevant and accessible to students by improving what is available, engaging with students voices and creating resources when needed.

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