The above video shows the installation, by ClusterVision, of the University of Bath's newest High Performance Computing (HPC) system, Balena.

The Balena HPC system is based on the Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 IvybridgeV2 processor and also consists of NVIDIA and AMD GPU accelerator cards and Intel Xeon Phi co-processor cards. The system is capable of handling a single MPI job using 3,040 CPU cores. There are a range of memory configurations from 64GBs to 512GBs per compute node. It offers 220TBs of scratch storage based on the BeeGFS parallel file system. There are a range of software and applications available, as well as a suite of software developer tools. In the near future it will be able to provide a high-end remote visualisation service to the desktop. 

For more information about Balena and High Performance Computing at the University of Bath visit

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