No women please we're quantum.

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It appears that there is a rumps in the Quantum world. At a major scientific conference (15th ICQC: conference website) the first round of invited speakers, chairs and honorary chairs were all men. Three leading women academics in the field decided to boycott the event. The conference organisers have responded and amended their list. See for further details.

Whatever the ins and outs of this case, it does highlight the inbuilt gender bias in science. But it also shows that there is now a fight to redress this bias. What we have to ask ourselves is, in 2014 is it really acceptable to be happy with such small steps taken to begin addressing the issues? Really by now we should expect equality and not have to strive for it.  But strive we all must (unless one really is sexist in which case you may wish to rage against the dying of the light).

I will be signing the petition born from the ICQC incident here

If you want more on this case why not see what Nature think, or here for a insight into what some of the chemical community feel.

Here is a "class photo" of an invitation only conference taken some time ago:

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