Dr Peter A. Sloan

2012-10-06 13.37.362012-10-06 13.37.36My research interests lie at the boundary of physics and chemistry and explore the possibilities of controlling and manipulating, on the atomic scale, individual molecules at a surface. Specifically by probing single molecule excitations by tunnelling electrons (or holes) from the tip on a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM), to both further understand these fundamental processes and to uncover new methods of controlling matter at the atomic scale. This research covers the electronic structure of surfaces, molecule/surface interactions, electron/surface/molecule interactions and actions, and is beginning to explore electron transport at surfaces. Specifically, my group studies small (and large) molecules on graphene and on semiconducting surfaces. Additionally with the advent of programmable STM control electronics Peter aims to add layers of automation and optimization to allow state-of-the-art atomic manipulation to be performed even when having lunch.

I also teach.

I used chair the physics Athena SWAN self-assessment team.

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Office: 3W Building, 4.5b
+44 (0) 1225 384566