Summer refurbishment projects

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This year sees the start of the centrally funded GTA Rolling Refurbishment Programme. In conjunction with the Estates Department, AV are running a large project to upgrade and replace the teaching technology and refresh the rooms in 8W over the coming summer.

This will mean an update to the existing technology, which will include conversion from analogue to digital images, a move to full HD, new interfaces to be able to plug laptops in, and a standardised lectern across the level 2 rooms. We are also intending to build in some ability for the rooms to be able to expand at a future date to participate in processes such as lecture capture.

The Estates part of the project will mean redecoration of the rooms – including carpeting and paintwork, and some furniture.

The full extent of the programme will be agreed in the near future, but it is the first year of an intended 10 year programme of refreshment and rebuilding.

More details to come as they are agreed.

Posted in: Design Build Advise, News


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