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Hannah, a third year Psychology student talks about Be Well Week:

So, January’s over. You dusted off those trainers, took that running app out of storage and crammed yourself into a sweaty gym along with hundreds of others in the pursuit of physical health. Now, it’s March and it’s time to spring clean that mind as supported by Be Well Week.

We’ve got tonnes on offer to you as we understand the tunnel-vision which can accompany second semester. It can feel a bit like the lights have dimmed down in your headspace, so all that is illuminated is your textbooks and the missing notes in your folder, what you ‘should’ have been doing. But there is the rest of the room that needs taking care of: poetry books left unread by your bedside, an untouched yoga mat, new recipes left by your kitchen counter, still yet-to-be-tried.  Let’s face it you’ve worked incredibly hard to get into this university, so let’s keep maintaining and developing what makes you feel that light. 

For me, one of those activities is the weekly dog walks run by the Wellbeing Service. Call me cliché, but there really is nothing that compares to hanging out with a dog for an hour in the sun. Not only is it a great time to work on my high-pitched dog voice, but it is also great opportunity to chat to others while doing some exercise. There is something so freeing about walking the route we take, it really reminds you that there is a whole world on your doorstep, beyond academia, which is there whenever you need it.  

Another set of activities I’d highly recommend is those offered by the Bath Active Timetable. They are offering you the chance to try loads of sports ranging from dance fitness to wheelchair basketball to table tennis to yoga - you name it, they’ve got it. Again, this is a great opportunity to meet new people who are all in the same boat and develop a skill in the process. On top of that, trying something new gives you that opportunity to fling open the door and get out of your headspace for an hour. It can be easy to forget that university is all about opportunity, all opportunities, not just academic ones. This is your chance to open the door to something new.  

If you’re missing that creative side at university, have no fear, Be Well Week is here.  We’ve got a bunch of activities to develop that aspect of you: cooking classes, gardening, photography classes and poetry workshops are all running, so you can take a trip to the right side of your brain. In Bath, we are so lucky to be surrounded by incredible landscapes. So, why not make some souvenirs of your time here, with the help of a professional photographer? Decorate your headspace with pictures and derive inspiration from them. We all could be better at just stopping long enough to capture a beautiful moment.

Well that’s a wrap on my review on some of the activities going on in Be Well Week. Check the @bathstuservices Instagram for more updates about what’s going on at campus from the 16 to 20 of March. I hope to see you at some of the events!  




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