Studying from home

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With the current situation revolving around the world, we are constantly finding ourselves adapting to change and possibly a new normal. This new normal might consist of attending lectures and studying from our home, wherever home is for you. This might be hard especially for students who might be used to studying in cafeterias, libraries or other open spaces. In this blog, I aim to share what I found helpful to help me study from home.

Unless you have classes or meetings happening at a specific time, you can create your own schedule. This might be helpful for individuals who prefer to study late at night and therefore you can study at your own comfort. This can include scheduling working slots in the morning, afternoon or evening with lunch and coffee breaks in between. Reading and working out should also be included in the schedule as to help to detach from working all the time.

Since we are mostly inside, we might be unaware what day of the week it is, therefore having a calendar with all your to do lists can prove to be helpful. Plan your study days including all deadlines listed as not to miss anything.

If you are lucky enough to have the possibility to separate your working space from your relaxing space it is encouraged to not work in bed. This helps with clear distinguishing mentally to understand that you have a place in your home to work in (substituting the library and other open spaces) and a different place to relax and chill out. This can be done by associating certain furniture like desks for work, whilst bed or sofa to relax.

Since you will not be meeting your classmates or study peers in person therefore, it is suggested to check in on them. You can help each other out by setting target deadlines together with your study buddies. This can help with checking in on each other and keeping each other motivated.

Apart from working, it is important to catch up on that book you have been meaning to read, catch up with your favourite series, listen to podcasts. Find an activity that makes you happy and engage in them. This can prevent stress and anxiousness.

If you are finding yourself feeling anxious or psychologically unwell, follow social media that promotes mental health such as Student Services or Bath Mind. The University Student Services are working remotely and you can still reach out and ask for help through their website.

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