Our Pledge for Parity

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This month we've been thinking about gender parity in organisations and particularly in academia. We've shared research, experiences and opinions from CBOS members, Associates and School of Management colleagues. While research suggests that we've got a long way to go to achieve equality of pay and opportunity, there is undoubtedly a groundswell of support to make change happen and #PressforProgress. That's why a number of us have made a Pledge for Parity, which we share here. 




These pledges are from CBOS members and PhD students:

Dr Amy Lunt; Prof Andy Crane; Dr Annie Snelson-Powell; Dr Deborah Brewis; Diletta Acuti; Kerrie Howard; Dr Kostas Iatridis; Dr Krista Bondy; Dr Lorna Stevens; Prof Pierre McDonagh; Dr Sarah Glozer; Dr Stefan Hielscher; and Dr Yasin Rofcanin, and Dean of the School of Management Professor Veronica Hope Hailey









Posted in: Gender equality, Women


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