The best parks and green spaces around Bath

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Despite being a city, Bath is surrounded by plenty of countryside, as well as numerous green parks dotted between the city streets. Our Student Living Ambassadors give the lowdown on the best local spots to get your fix of fresh air and plentiful nature...


Richard Andrews:

"One of my favourite walks I've done while at Bath is along the canal path to Bathampton. Our city accommodation, like Clevelands Building, Pulteney Court and Canal Wharf, are all within walking distance of the city's main attractions, as well as lovely green spaces like this particular walk.

I remember being surprised at how quickly I’d gone from walking through the relatively busy streets of Bath and walking down Great Pulteney Street (definitely the best street in Bath) to being immersed in the peaceful greenery of Sydney Gardens. What Sydney Gardens lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. It is one of the last remaining Georgian Pleasure Gardens and a favourite spot of Jane Austen with intricate bridges spanning the canal which attempts to cut it in half.

Once we’d found the steps to the canal path, ducked our heads for the slightly-too-low bridges, and made appropriate, socially-distanced space for fellow walkers in the other direction, we were on our way to Bathampton. The coolness of walking alongside the canal, which is somehow above the railway track (you have to see it to believe it), and the shade of the trees covering the path made the walk there bearable in the summer heat. I’ve since run along the path and the same canopy helps to prevent the path from getting too muddy in the more typical Bath weather.

Finally, we reached the quintessentially English village of Bathampton, which seems so far from the bustle of Bath, complete with at least two pubs and a stone church. The second pub, sharing its name with the village, was our destination and where we enjoyed relaxing in the August sunshine, listening to the water fall over the weir."



Sophie Kell:

"As we all know, the past year hasn’t been the ‘typical’ student experience; no parties, club nights or big sporting events and even library visits have been limited!

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the beautiful city we live in. Alongside the virtual events put on by the University, walks around the city have been a lifeline for me to break up lectures and coursework, and get some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. I could walk around Bath with my camera for hours!

The city centre is a great starting point from which to reach all of the green spots in Bath. The best viewpoint of the city is definitely from Alexandra Park; the climb starts from just behind the train station, but be warned, the steps up are tough! However, the effort is worth it, as you get to see the whole of the city from up there - it’s stunning. This is a perfect place to sit and relax, and is a great place to rest after that workout of a walk!

If you don’t like hills, the flattest walk will be along the river or the canal. You can access the canal at many different points from the campus side of town. It’s a lovely quiet walk and I have been told it’s a great running route too!

The walk I have done the most, however, is the river walk. You can start off from Sainsburys ,where you can drop down onto the cycle path alongside the Avon - this could take you all the way to Bristol if you fancy it!

The place I stop at however is at Lidl... a nice walk by the water with some cheap bakery treats at the end of it, who would say no to that!

Meeting outside has been the way forward for most of this year, and there are so many more green areas in Bath than you think. These are perfect for society catch ups, meeting course mates, or even just sitting on your own with a good book.

The lawn in front of the Royal Crescent is the place to be for Bath students. When the sun is out, Victoria Park is full of students enjoying the summer vibes. The main area is in front of the Crescent, but there is so much space further across the road towards the lake, for a lovely walk or to play sports. Another area which is perfect to sit and read is the Parade Gardens, it truly encapsulates the imagery of Bath as it is located next to the Abbey and the Weir. It’s just lovely to sit and appreciate the scenery.

This year has been all about staying connected and taking care of ourselves. The buddy finding system, alongside all the virtual events the University has put on, have been great for keeping us chatting and enjoying time as best we can when stuck inside.

However, when the sun’s out, the city takes charge and gives us the opportunity to really make lasting memories. So, get out there and explore - there’s something for everyone!"



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