Science careers: options, job hunting and how to succeed!

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From audiologists to astrophysicists, there are a variety of fascinating careers in science which combine analytical thinking with creativity. Whether you wish to help patients learn to hear or solve the mysteries of the universe, there is something to suit all interests. There are also plenty of vacancies. The number of jobs for audiologists, for example, is expected to jump by 34% between 2012-22. And the current science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) skills shortage means 39% of UK companies are still struggling to fill these roles. Similarly, there is a shortfall of women in science, with 87% of Stem jobs in the UK currently occupied by men. So, if it is your dream to work in science and technology, what are your options? And what will you need to succeed?

Guardian Careers are hosting a live chat with the experts on Thursday 4 December from 1-3pm and will be discussing:

  • How to break into a career in science
  • The best ways to find and secure science jobs
  • How to encourage more women into science careers
  • How to build up your CV for a scientific career

For more information and to participate in the live chat visit the Guardian Careers website. 

Posted in: Sector Insight


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