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We’ve just put up the Christmas decorations in the Careers Service and whilst it is nice for our team to be thinking about fun things like our Christmas meal together and a break from work, we realise that this time of year is a very stressful time for students. With course work deadlines and applications or interviews to juggle, things can feel very overwhelming. You are also tired and that can make problems seem a whole lot worse than they are. You are not alone and we are happy to discuss your concerns. You should also remember that the University has excellent counselling support for students if you are in need of support because your mental wellbeing is affected.

A few students I have seen previously have booked a quick query this last week or so to have  a bit of a catch up. They haven’t really had a question as such but have found it helpful to talk out loud about where they have got to with their applications and any interviews they are facing. My message is to share your worrying thoughts with us, with trusted friends or family members or the counselling service. A good listener can really help you put things in perspective.

Some of the students we talk to are worried about the impact their job applications are having on their academic work. We would never advocate that you put job applications before your study so if that is a choice you face there is a simple answer. You have one chance at your degree but plenty of time in the future to apply for jobs. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Some of you may have made applications and been unsuccessful. This might be the point at which you seek some help from us to make sure your application is the best it can be and it is also a chance to review whether what you are chasing is really the right thing for you. This is a tough situation to be in but you will find that we are ready to support you and help you consider your options.

We are also seeing students come in who are concerned that they are only starting job hunting now and think it is too late. So much of the timing of your job hunting depends on when the jobs or courses relevant to your chosen career are advertised. Make sure you are clear about the recruitment timetable for your preferred job. After all there is no point in be anxious about something that is not actually a worry. Even if you have left it a bit late to start we are continuing to receive job information from many employers and will continue to do so throughout the year. To get a better idea of job hunting please read our guide “Finding a Graduate Job” and talk to us.

These are just a few of the examples of concerns students have about their careers at this time of year. Please be assured that you will find a confidential, impartial listening ear and helpful support here at the Careers Service regardless of how big or small your worries are about job hunting. Who knows a short chat with us might help you get things in perspective so you can enjoy a short break over Christmas without feeling guilty.

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