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This is our last blog post till the 13th April, whilst your thoughts may have turned to a well earned break we wanted to share with you some tips on how you can make the most of the Easter Vacation to start planning your future. As you know we are open over the holidays, so pop in for a chat with one of our expert and friendly careers advisers.

Depending on where you are with your career thinking, you may want to consider the ideas below:

No idea what you want to do in the future

  1. Check out our great resources on Choosing a Career. You can explore what other Bath grads have done, take tests to help you understand the sorts of work environments are right for you and explore information on further study.
  2. Check out Prospects 'Options with your Degree' section and explore the wide range of opportunities open to you. In particular read the case studies which bring different jobs to life.
  3. You may have decided you don't want to use your degree subject in the future. If this is you, then you must read this helpful information.

How do I find an internship or summer work?

  1. We recently wrote a blog post on finding internships and shared useful websites.
  2. Explore your network on LinkedIn or reach out and contact Bath Alumni for advice.
  3. Register to attend our Graduate Recruitment Fair, in addition to offering graduate roles many participating employers offer summer internships.

I need to sort out my CV!

  1. Download our Application, CV and Cover Letter Guide, there are some excellent example CV's in the guide which will inspire you in creating yours.
  2. Read 6 ways to refresh your CV blog post from the guardian.
  3. Book a quick query with one of our careers advisers and get some objective feedback.

I need to find a job

  1. Check out the wide range of job  opportunities on MyFuture.
  2. Just because many grad scheme deadlines have passed doesn't mean there are no jobs out there! Check out Graduate Talent Pool, Job Online and explore opportunities with SME's.
  3. Read this excellent blog post on the hidden job market by Warwick Careers.

Enjoy your Easter vacation!


Posted in: Advice, Career Choice, Work Experience


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