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As the time of year is approaching when I spend quite a bit of my time giving feedback on academic job applications, I thought it would be a good time to draw together some useful resources on applying for jobs in academia. I doubt very much that this is an exhaustive list; do share any other resources you have found useful in the comments.

Vitae - sample academic CVs from across the disciplines, an extensive list of interview questions, advice on writing a statement of research interests and finding funding

Manchester Academic Careers website - advice on CVs, covering letters, personal statements and interview presentations, as well as video career stories of current academics - articles on a range of topics relating to careers in academia, including this one on writing personal statements for academic jobs. They also have a range of free e-books on topics including academic job interviews and covering letters for research jobs, and last year ran a Google Hangout on academic job interviews.

Cambridge Early Career Blog - Steve Joy writes engagingly on a range of topics. I particularly liked his advice on talking about teaching in interviews and academic cover letters.

The New Academic - tips and stories from Nadine Muller and other early-career lecturers, including a detailed article on academic interviews.

Check out also our in-house guide to finding postdoctoral research positions, which includes on applications and interviews.

I appreciate that most of these resources are UK focussed. Our vacancies web page for researchers contains links to vacancy and information sites on academic jobs outside of the UK, and a previous post also contains resources on global academic careers.

Careers advisers can provide 1:1 support with academic job applications, including CV feedback and practice interviews and presentation practice.


Posted in: Applications, For PhDs


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