The Student Perspective: Minhaj attended a presentation by Rolls Royce, and here is what he found out…

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Rolls Royce - Career Opportunities for Non-Engineers

What comes to your mind when you think of Rolls Royce? Luxury cars? Well, the company isn’t only known for it*. Rolls Royce is majorly known for aircraft engine manufacturing. It is considered to be one of the leading industrial technology company that caters to almost all the top engineering firms globally.


In this session, Rolls Royce was represented by Holly Foxon and Bethany Cross. Holly holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and had completed two internships in commercial and supply chain at Rolls Royce before joining in a full-time commercial role. She currently works in the defence sector and is based in Bristol. On the other hand, Bethany completed her bachelor’s in English and currently works as business modelling and pricing analyst, she is based in Bristol too. Their diverse backgrounds indicate that you don’t need a particular degree to be a part of the Rolls Royce team, the only thing that matters is how you can add value to the company.

Holly walked us through her journey at Rolls Royce. She worked with Emirates during her commercial internship and shared the valuable exposure she gained from that opportunity and how it helped her secure a full-time role at Rolls Royce. She currently works with clients from Germany, France and Spain. Bethany is currently working under the customer and services management graduate scheme and is handling an 80 million project in the capacity of a business modeller.


The entry requirements of Rolls Royce are 2:1. The ideal candidate must be mobile and career ambitious. His/her activities and achievements must align with the values of the company. The application process of the company is rather simple, with merely three steps: online assessments, assessment centre and final offer. The company offers internships of 10 weeks and 12 months, 6-months placement and full-time roles in the capacity of graduate programs and direct entry roles.


Both the speakers were keen to help the students and answered the questions from the audience which ranged from a variety of backgrounds from second year undergraduates to post graduates. Rolls Royce promises to be one of the leading employers in the UK and appears to be equally popular amongst people from non-engineering as well as technical disciplines.


*There are graduate opportunities with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars but you apply through BMW! (

Posted in: Career Choice, Employer Visit Report, Feedback, Finding a Job, Graduate Jobs, Sector Insight


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