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Working internationally can offer fantastic experiences. For International Careers Week, the Careers Service has been hosting events with a global outlook to highlight the opportunities and experience that working in different countries can bring. However, if you missed these don’t worry! We have many resources that can help you.

Country profiles

There are 195 countries in the world – narrowing it down to the one you want to work in can be tricky! There is a lot to consider like visa restrictions, language requirements and the job market. However there are resources that can help you get a feel for what different countries are like.

Prospects has country profiles for a wide range of countries. These give you an overview of the job market, different pathways to work and the work culture. Visit Prospects

Marketline, a database provided by the library, includes in depth country and city profiles. These focus on political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental analysis. You may have heard this referred to as PESTLE analysis.

These can be helpful for doing further research into countries you are considering working in. Find out more about how to access Marketline in our recent blog post.

Global applications

The norms for CVs, cover letters and applications can vary hugely according to country. Some countries expect a photo with your CV, others have differing expectations about the number of pages and content. In Japan your CV, or rirekisho, is handwritten!

The library hosts an excellent ebook called Kick start your career. Skip to Chapter 15 for information on country variations in applications. So you can make sure your application fits the norms of the country you want to work in. Access Kick start your career

Our Application Adviser Molly can also give some advice and feedback on applications for the US, Australia, China, France and Germany. You can book an Application Advice appointment with her via MyFuture. 

Bath Connection

The University of Bath alumni network is worldwide, with alumni based all around the globe. Bath Connection is the online networking site for connecting with alumni. Over 1400 alumni have signed up as alumni experts willing to connect with other Bath students and graduates. You can search the database to find alumni in your chosen country or profession and connect with them to get insider tips and knowledge, or perhaps even new friends in your chosen country!

Find out more about Bath Connection

Other sites

Many websites can give you extra information about working internationally.

Global Graduates has a range of articles and advice on working and studying abroad.  Access Global Graduates

Go Overseas is another site that lists opportunities for working, studying, volunteering and travelling abroad. Access Go Overseas 

Numerous other websites out there offer information, job listings and communities on working in specific countries. If you do find a job listing or opportunity that you are unsure about, you can contact us for help.

Blogs from those who have done what you are planning to do can also be an excellent resource. They can give you a realistic picture of the experience and handy tips for practical aspects of living in a different place. EF English First, a English as a Second Language Teacher job site, has an excellent blog covering lots of practical tips of living in various different countries Access the EF English First blog

Try searching using keywords like ‘living in country blog’ to find blogs from others who have moved to the country you are interested in.

More help

If you are considering working internationally, the Careers Service can help you. You can contact us:

You can find out more about our appointments on our website 






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