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The Careers Service has over 300 resources available to help you at every step of your career journey. Each week we put the spotlight on a resource that can help you. This week it’s….

Team Focus

I have already mentioned Team Focus in my previous resource spotlight blog on Graduates First as it does offer practice psychometric tests.

However, the reason I am talking about Team Focus today is because of the personality assessments which can inform your decisions around career options.

What it offers

Team Focus offers two tests that can give you insights into your personality and values:

Type Dynamics Indicator test

The Type Dynamics Indicator test is based on Carl Jung’s theory of human psyche and is designed to help you understand your preferences against four different dimensions of personality.

The report is incredibly detailed and includes:

  • An explanation about what motivates your personality type and crucially the sorts of work environments you may be suited to.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the type of contribution you like to make, how you like to interact with others and crucially how others may see you.
  • You’ll also get some broad ideas around the sorts of careers you may want to investigate.

We have written a handy guide for how to best apply these insights to your career planning so you can get the most out of your results. Find the guide on MyFuture.

Values-based Indicator test

Values in a nutshell define why we work. An alignment between your career and your values produces satisfaction and fulfilment – so it really is worth considering this as part of your career thinking. This test will help you identify your values in four main areas.

  • Personal satisfaction: what I want for myself
  • Personal development: what I want to become
  • Relationship satisfaction: what I want from and with others
  • Community orientation: what I want from the community

You’ll receive a list of your six top values spread across the four main areas above.

Again we have a handy guide for this test including information on why values are so important. Find the guide on MyFuture.

How to access

You can access Team Focus via MyFuture. On the Team Focus page you will find the passcodes you need to get access.

Go to Team Focus on MyFuture

How to use

Give yourself plenty of time to take the tests. You will get much more out of them if you put some time aside to complete them thoughtfully and reflectively. Focus on giving honest answers about who you are, and you truly feel. Rather than an idealised version of yourself.

Remember – these tests are not going to give you all the answers. However they can help you to really reflect on what you enjoy, what you value and how these might translate into potential career pathways.

Practical tips

On a more practical note, when you have finished– the reports are normally emailed to you. I’d recommend providing your Bath or Bath Edu (graduate) email address. Sometimes reports can end up in junk mail so do check this if you don’t get yours straight away.

I know the website is a bit clunky – please don’t let that put you off as the tests themselves are excellent.

More insights

If you would like more insights to inform your career planning (or just like these kinds of quizzes!) – Prospects is another great option. The focus here is less on understanding yourself but more on how your understanding of yourself can match you up to different jobs. Find out more in our blog about Prospects.

For more information about how to explore your career options and find career pathways that interest you check out our Get Started guide. Go to Get Started: Career options.

Further help

If you need further help or have any questions we are here to help. We can help you track down information on specific questions and offer advice on how best we can help you. Email us via

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