5 job hunting myths we see at this time of year

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We get a lot of queries about the difference between grad jobs and graduate schemes. With these kind of questions we also sense some anxiety out there - that graduate schemes are the only way to find a job. This is not true, and we hope this presentation offers clarity and introduces you to the myriad of ways to find work after graduation.

The five myths we want to tackle:

  1. Everyone is sorted – that is not the case. We are all different and that is what makes us humans so interesting. Some of your peers may know what they are doing but there’s just as many of you still trying to work out what you want to do. Feel free to book an appointment on MyFuture, we may not have the answers, but we could come up with a few ideas for you to explore.
  2. All the jobs taken –WRONG! *some* jobs especially graduate schemes may be recruiting now (watch our video on graduate routes for more info). However, according to Highfliers, grad schemes make up about 10-15% of the total graduate labour market. Many of you will embark upon your career via a graduate job either with the big companies or an SME. Some grad schemes also recruit all year round so things are not as black and white as it may seem.
  3. I can’t apply for a graduate schemes in the future– again WRONG! The past is a reasonable predictor of the future, if you missed out on a grad scheme this academic year, you can compete again in September. The door isn’t shut, in fact some employers such as the NHS STP for example prefer candidates with a wee bit more experience to apply.
  4. There aren’t any PhD’s – as above. PhD’s do recruit to a cycle so yes many opportunities are open for applications right now and if anything, due to COVID the cycle has in some cases been extended. Likewise, if you don’t secure a PhD in this cycle, you can work as research assistant and apply again.
  5. I’m not good enough – so we have seen a number of you who have either not got the outcome you wanted on the back of an application or are reluctant to apply for something you may love because you think you’re not good enough. Imposter Syndrome (watch this fantastic video) plagues us all. Trick is to recognise it and to call it for what it is. Job hunting is bumpy, learn from every experience and keep at it. Draw on support from us in Careers too.

We hope that leaves you feeling more confident about your search for work. Find more resources in our Get Started guide.  If you want to talk your concerns through - we are here to help! Find appointments on MyFuture.


Posted in: Graduate Jobs, Tips & Hints


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