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A view from the other side of the desk…in lockdown

I’m Alex, a senior manager with a growing business. I’ve managed to keep my team and business focussed and productive throughout the pandemic. I’m really happy with how the switch to remote working went during Lockdown#1. Our client base has stuck with us and in fact our order book is looking extremely healthy. The team are working efficiently and creatively. Morale seems to holding up despite the challenges of Zoom calls, Groundhog days and home-schooling.

My colleagues know what they’re doing, they’re experts in their field. They don’t need me micromanaging them or checking up on how long they’ve been sitting at their laptop - they’re delivering high quality work and that’s what matters. I know clients are getting the quality service they have come to expect from us because they are telling me so. I’m happy because they’re happy…but I’m also very tired and fed up with lockdown. My dad’s elderly and unwell and I haven’t been able to see him for months. My teenager still doesn’t know if A levels are on or off or are actually on again but now are called "short external tests".

HR have asked me if I would like to take on a placement student/grad hire. It’s tempting; I’ve got so many new ideas for projects that I can’t resource at the moment. The team could do with some fresh talent, especially if they have up to date knowledge and technical skills in our niche. We had a great graduate on placement from Bath University last year who we’ve now got on a permanent contract. But can I risk rocking the boat? Do I have the bandwidth to onboard and remotely support a new young member of staff? What if they don’t settle in quickly or turn out to be needy? What if they take months to get used to using our systems remotely? What if they upset important customers because they over promise and under deliver? Hmm, I think I’ll say no to HR. Hey, I’m only human………….

Oh great, just heard from HR that the ad’s already gone out. I’m really going to take some convincing on this. These applications had better be special.

So now here you are, applying for that placement, internship or grad job. Your CV and cover letter are seemingly ready and you’re about to press send. How do you need to amend them to persuade Alex you’re worth a punt?

Next time we’ll look at how to convince potential employers that they're not taking a risk with you, whether or not lockdown is still in place....

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