Fundraising support available for local charities

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Local charities can now request a team of students to support them with fundraising this summer.

Students from our School of Management are undertaking an Action Project over the summer which sees them placed as teams within local charities to carry out fundraising activities.

For the students involved, this activity counts towards their degree and they get to experience what it is like to work with the charity sector. They will need to demonstrate how their chosen activities are appropriate to their charity’s needs and how they will have a lasting impact beyond the timescale of the Action Project.

For the charities, they get to benefit from the skills and knowledge that management students have developed throughout their studies and the delivery of a sustainable fundraising project to support their cause.

The Action Project timescale will be as follows:

Tuesday 6 June (pm)      Meet your student team

7-9 June                            Students work on initial proposal for your approval

9  June-14 July                 Students work up to 1 day/week planning/preparing their Action Project

15-23 July                         Full time focus on Action Project preparations

24 July-18 August           Action Project delivery (any in person events need to be held in this period)

Local charities that are interested in getting involved should complete this form.

For further information on this project please contact Katrina Kelly or Matt Lewis.

Posted in: Local and civic engagement


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  • HI, we are not a charity yet but would like to apply! Would be great to have some fundraising help too!

    • Hi Roger - I've dropped you an email - it would be good to have a chat about this!

  • We are a very small all-volunteer charity less than 2 miles from campus. It seems we missed the deadline for this year, but would be interested in this program if it runs again next year.