Bath at the boules

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Our School of Management was beyond thrilled to be able to support this year’s Bath Boules Festival, organised by local company Media Clash, to raise money for worthwhile causes whilst promoting the vibrant business community of Bath. The event has been running for more than 30 years and over that period has raised in excess of £750,000 for local charities and had significant impact on the local community.

On Thursday 29 June, 2023, the Bath MBA flags were raised in the centre of Queen’s Square, Bath to open this much-loved local event. Three School of Management teams, consisting of students, alumni and local business partners, took to the pistes to play against some highly competitive teams including Bath Rugby.

The Bath MBA's involvement in the Bath Boules Festival exemplifies the team's dedication to fostering a sense of social consciousness and community spirit across all aspects of the programme’s outreach. Business links and corporate partnerships form an essential part of the MBA experience for students and in partnering with Media Clash in this event, they were able to network, develop valuable connections, and contribute to the success of a significant local event.

The Bath Boules Festival builds on a growing number of events and initiatives in our School of Management to foster a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the local business community. Through a wide variety of collaborations, internships, and consultancy projects, students from the School of Management bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and valuable expertise to local businesses, solving complex challenges, driving growth, and enhancing competitiveness. By nurturing these invaluable relationships, our School of Management continues to be a catalyst for positive change, shaping a prosperous and thriving business landscape in the local region.


Posted in: Community Events, Local and civic engagement


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