Meet Jamie's Farm, a local charity with a national mission

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Last week I went to meet with Jamie's Farm, a charity based in Box, Bath, which now owns six farms around the UK where young people from disadvantaged backgrounds attend transformative 5-day residential programmes that involve farming, family, therapy and legacy elements.

The charity is really keen to work with the University, and there are a lot of ways we could potentially collaborate in the future:

  • Research
    The farm works with teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them new experiences from meeting the farm animals and cooking on a campfire, to provide them with therapy sessions involving horse riding, walking and other techniques, and to cook and eat healthy, farm-grown food together. The charity is open to research collaborations that look to work with this age cohort. Typically young people spend five days at a time at the farm, and the charity works with the schools or organisations that support the children before their arrival and after their visit.Additionally the farm is a working beef and lamb farm, and is exploring new biodynamic and organic farming approaches. Anyone with an interest in soil health, food production, pesticide use, farming systems or similar related disciplines is welcome to get in touch to explore collaborative research opportunities.
  • Volunteering
    The charity is looking for new volunteers - that could be in helping with jobs and activities on the farm in Box, or through undertaking fundraising activities such as running (or supporting runners at) the Bath Half Marathon. If this is something you're interested in please get in touch and we'll connect you to the volunteer team.
  • Student projects and placements
    Currently the charity collects a lot of impact data and there is the potential for a student project to explore this data and analyse it. There are also opportunities in marketing and fundraising available. Please get in touch if you'd like to be connected to the Jamie's Farm team to discuss these possibilities.

If you'd like to learn more about Jamie's Farm you can do so at: 


Posted in: Local and civic engagement, Staff and Student Community Opportunities


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