Student Engagement Ambassadors talk sustainability and citizenship

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After four months, we have now fully settled into our new roles as  Student Engagement Ambassadors at the CLT and the SU. Over the last four weeks we have begun working with departments on their student engagement plans. This is keeping us busy as the deadline for PGT courses is fast approaching. Alongside the release of the student engagement plans to departments, the CLT Learning and Teaching Hub has also been updated with resources we have created along with the Curriculum Development team. These resources include  student-facing workshops given by departments to gain their students' views and thoughts on ways of embedding our themes into their courses.

In early November, we also delivered presentations to new academic reps at the Academic Reps conference. These presentations gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves as well as provide an overview of the Curriculum Transformation project and each of our individual themes. In order to reach a larger audience of academic reps we also presented at each individual academic rep faculty forum, again highlighting the process of curriculum transformation.

Other activities undertaken recently include entering the planning phase for 'Engaged', a Learning and Teaching Festival that we hope to host on campus next February. This will be an exciting opportunity for students to engage (pardon the pun) in the curriculum transformation process in a number of unique and interesting ways, including a human library, special guest speakers and VR experiences. Look out for more information soon! To celebrate reaching the halfway point of the semester we also took part in the SU’s Student Voice Team Afternoon in which we went into town for food and played some skittles -  a highlight of the last four weeks for us!

Ambassador Spotlight – Matthew Dawes (Citizenship and Sustainability)

 “My main focus this month with regards to Citizenship and Sustainability has been on the development of the online toolkit for staff on the CLT Learning and Teaching Hub. Resources include ‘One page guides’, which answer a number of key questions surrounding my theme. These include: ‘What is Citizenship and Sustainability?’, ‘Why Citizenship and Sustainability?’ and ‘How can I embed Citizenship and Sustainability?’. I have also been working on a portfolio of best practice from other institutions in the UK and beyond. As a part of this I have been liaising with UWE, who are particularly excellent at Sustainability Education, to gain insight into some of the fantastic work they are doing, especially when looking at the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I have also been working with the COP 21 group, which is a group of academics here at Bath who are interested in and passionate about sustainability. The main focus of the group over the last few weeks has been on the University's vision when it comes to sustainability. Other groups I have been working with so far include the newly formed Chemical Engineering Sustainability Group (CESG) and the Bath University Biosciences Society (BUBS) on the Ideas for Action competition in which students develop project proposals to tackle one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time as a Student Engagement Ambassador and looking forward to continuing my role for the next six months!”

Overall, our time as SEAs has been a roller coaster ride, but one that we have all enjoyed. We are looking forward to continuing our work for the remainder of the academic year, after a restful Christmas holidays.

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