Dr Michael Mu at the CREA 2022 Seminar Series

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Dr Michael Mu from the Queensland University of Technology joined us on February 23rd 2022 to present his Multi-R model of resilience. In an hour-long talk, Dr Mu went into personal detail about why he studies resilience, sharing the stories of some of the children who inspired his work. Though he could not go into the fine detail, it was fascinating to hear about how Dr Mu understands and is working on resilience from a sociological perspective.

If you couldn't make the talk, please feel free to watch it online below. If you are interested in finding out more about Dr Mu and his work, he has a series of books available online (and in good libraries!) and his new book is due out this summer (2022).


While you're here, we warmly welcome you to join us for the rest of our seminars, which are listed below. Details of how to join can be found on our website closer to the date.

30 March - Prof Yongyan Zheng - Social mobility, multilingualism and language education
(Register on Eventbrite: bit.ly/CREA-2022-Mar)

27 April - Dr Viniti Vaish - Linguistic Distance and Translanguaging: Teaching Malay-English bilingual learners
(Register on Eventbrite: bit.ly/CREA-2022-Apr)

25 May - Prof Andy Gao - Experiencing Academic Publishing
(Register on Eventbrite: bit.ly/CREA-2022-May)

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