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If you haven't seen already, we may have started a new social media trend where PhD students and academics across the globe are feeling poetic describing their research in a limerick! See #PhDlimerick on twitter.

We’d love to see your rhyming skills regardless of your research area. All you have to do is tweet your limerick and include the hashtag #PhDlimerick. If you’re not on twitter, email it to r.kalra@bath.ac.uk. There will be prizes!

What do you think of these posts by CSCT students and academics?:





















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  • I enjoy limeric PhDs
    But science should be more of a breeze
    For the words to be Bella
    Please include A Cappella
    Beats haiku and absorbed with great ease.

    In support of Aquapella Bath (& Anna White Singer Extrordinaire).
    Bath University singing group seen and heard @ Edinburgh Fringe.
    Sent without their consent or knowledge.