People & Planet – 2009

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I see that the University has slipped (again) in the Green League table – 56th this time – only getting a 2:2. What's worse, we're not only behind the usual stalwarts at Gloucestershire and Plymouth, but also trailing in the wake of UWE, and well behind Exeter and Bristol who've both surged up the rankings.  And then there's the LSE who've managed to do well in this and the RAE!  Swots.  Still, we're comfortably ahead of Bath Spa which is always a blessing.  I note that we had a 0 for Carbon Emissions, but sadly that's our score, not how much we emit.  We got top marks for Fair trade, though – and for the contribution of the Students' Union (which is good to see).  So, "Could do better"; but will we? – next year, the classifications take account of car use and car parking.

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  • Having promoted Fish’s line on education versus indoctrination, it is not clear to me whether you are celebrating or condemning Bath’s achievement of “top marks for Fairtrade”.

  • Well, maybe I was being just a little ironic (though not very successfully, I'd say). On balance, I think I'd rather the University double-glazed the windows in my office than spend any more on promoting fair trade coffee.